Please contact us to find out how you can get access to our suite of care pathway solutions and services.

About Map of Medicine
Our market leading solutions have been designed to help improve outcomes in healthcare by giving you access to the most locally relevant information at the point of care. We offer:

  • instant access to local care pathways and referral criteria
  • point of care access via your clinical system (i.e. EMIS Web, INPS Vision, TPP SystmOne)
  • patient-contextual care pathways and referral criteria recommendations
  • patient-contextual standardised referral forms, integrated with the electronic patient record
  • professional development reports to support appraisals, GP revalidation and peer review

Who is it for?
Map of Medicine is for GPs, healthcare professionals, managers, administrative staff and organisations working within the healthcare sector. Contact us to request pricing options for access or to arrange a demonstration.

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